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Anti-Theft Technology

Are you worried on how to protect your laptop or system from unauthorized access? Is there is any other option to protect one’s confidential data? If you are searching solution for such queries then you are at the right page.

It is highly difficult to replace a stolen laptop than hardware replacement. Anti- Theft technology is developed to offer complete support and protection to your mobile device or laptop that holds valuable data. It helps to protect your data against unofficial access. Moreover, it serves in a great when your laptop or mobile device is stolen. It holds SMS function and anti-theft porch that you can protect your system from unauthorized entry. Business owners do have their own confidential data and will be worried how to protect them from illegal hackers and malicious programs. With activating Practo Solutions Anti Technology, you can remain peace of mind and keep your data protected against hackers. The three major features of this technology are

  1. Data access disable
  2. Recovery and reactivation
  3. PC disable

Data Access Disable: With this feature, if your laptop or mobile is stolen you can disable or lock the data remotely. This minimizes the chances of laptop to be used and also all confidential data would remain locked and cannot be accessed by other unofficial person.

Recovery and reactivation: The laptop displays theft mode message with displaying reward and contact information. This is one of the fast and simple way to restore and reactivate your stolen laptop without compromising any security features.

PC Disable: Though the stolen laptop is opened using secret security password by an unauthorized user, if this anti-theft technology is installed in your laptop or mobile device the encrypted data could not be accessed. It stores encrypted data in hardware and not in hard disk.

Thus the Anti Theft support from Practo Solutions offers excellent features and functions which there are no chances for any unauthorized person to access confidential data at any point of time. 0We understands the needs and requirement of our consumers. We keep consistently in touch with them to serve and offer better security services. With acquiring this feature it is evident that large business owners can run a stress free as well as tension free life.

You can contact our engineers to get this anti theft technology installed in your mobile device or laptop. Our dedicated engineers are ready to serve you with quick solutions.

Practo Solutions is an independent service provider and has no affiliation with any third party brand and any of their product or service offerings. Call now to get instant access to tech experts. The service we are offering is also available for free with the brand owners.

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