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Technology Support

In this fast business scenario, most of the people would look for a computer service company that remains as one stop quality solution centre. Practo Solutions Inc is one such and meets all the demands of the customers.

Easy Hardware Replacement

We know the value of our customer’s time. Our technicians will assist you through online or email to detect the problem. We will also provide personal assistance in your doorstep to make your system get back to life. In conditions of hardware failure, we will detect the faulty equipment in order to replace with the new hardware. Moreover, each of our products holds manufacturer warranty and comes with exciting discounts. With enrolling in our Annual Maintenance (AMC) schemes, you can benefit free hardware service, check-up, installation and Practo Solutions Inc expert support throughout the year.

We have various affordable plans which you can choose as per your requirement and size of your organization. We take complete control of your hardware and networking maintenance and support. If you find any fault with our products we will replace it back within one working day, which you can quickly get back your systems to work. Furthermore, we will give additional discounts if any of our products fail within the warranty period or within the 4 years of installment. This means, you can enjoy and maintain your hardware units in the most convenient and affordable way.

Practo Solutions Inc Easy Hardware Replacement program starts from the time you activate our service. It expires according to the scheme you have chosen. It can vary from one year, three years or even five years as depending on the specific scheme you have purchased.

It is not compulsory to activate the program at the point you purchase your hardware unit. You can decide and active within 60 days time period, which the program will continually get activated on your account.

Easy Hardware Replacement does not cover

If the problem is caused due to external misuse or electrical problems
If the service has been performed by outside agents
If the problem is caused due to external products that is not supplied by Practo Solutions Inc
If the product has not been used according to the instructions
If the product holds altered or missing serial numbers
If there is any payment dues to Practo Solutions Inc
If the product is damaged physically

During the Easy Hardware Replacement service, if your product fails to work or stops working suddenly you should immediately contact our customer support. We will provide quick solutions in such a way if there is any replacement to been done we will ship the product within one business working day through express mail. The service will be done completely free and it is important to return your replacement product within the next 30 days. If incase we do not receive we will charge accordingly or place a purchase order for that particular product. The customers should take full responsibility to renew the program before it expires.

Practo Solutions Inc is an independent service provider and has no affiliation with any third party brand and any of their product or service offerings. Call now to get instant access to tech experts. The service we are offering is also available for free with the brand owners.

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