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We welcome web browsers and customer who visit or come across our website to read our terms and conditions that is stated here in this page. With using our service or website that is owned and run by Practo Solutions Inc, you indirectly or directly agree to our terms and conditions stated below. If you do not agree to these below mentioned terms please do not use our website or service. By accessing our website, you acknowledge that you have thoroughly gone through, understood and agreed to obey with applications rules and regulations.

User Legality

Users of this website or service from Practo Solutions Inc is applicable to individuals who are at the age of 18 years and above and those who bind under legal contract law of their country origin.

Modification of Agreement

Practo Solutions Inc reserves the full right to alter, modify or change these stated terms and conditions any time. Moreover, if incase there is any effective changes done, we ensure to post immediately on the website. The most updated version of Terms and Conditions can be accessed through our Practo Solutions Inc official website.

Acceptance of Terms

We have the full responsibility and we are the rightful owners of this website – Practo Solutions Inc. All contents, images, graphics, logos, text or anything which we have stated here on this website is part of our website and it is under the sole control of owners of the Practo Solutions Inc.

Our clients can view our website from anywhere or from any part of the world. They can make use of the content for general usage but do not have the right to use the content (pictures, logos, images, contents, videos or anything here) that is present in our website. Moreover, the users do not have the rights to use anything present in our website unless or until they get the prior permission from the rightful owners of this website.

Our Services

Our entire IT services like Website development, mobile application development, web marketing and website designing will be offered to clients at the start of the work as agreed upon. Each of the service is rendered as subject by Practo Solutions Inc terms and conditions and duration of the service will be as per stated at Practo Solutions Inc support.


We kindly request our website users and customers to come across this page in later time or in future so as to get informed if there are any changes made in our Terms and Conditions. We request our user to keep them updated with regularly knowing what is present in this page.

If you are interested to know more about our company – Practo Solutions Inc Terms and Conditions please send us an email or reach us through our toll free number.

Practo Solutions Inc is an independent service provider and has no affiliation with any third party brand and any of their product or service offerings. Call now to get instant access to tech experts. The service we are offering is also available for free with the brand owners.

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